Introducing Dr. Denise Bjorkman

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Dr. Denise Bjorkman is a veteran psychologist and global consultant currently working in 16 countries. Her interest and expertise lies in the development of women with the use of negotiated strategy.  She has spoken to more than 70,000 people worldwide. For more than 30 years she has been an advisor to heads of state, politicians, diplomats, corporate executives, management and the judiciary on matters concerning non-verbal communication, gender, policy design, trade, development initiatives and transformation strategies. She has groomed women with high potential for leading positions, mentoring them on strategy, and how to negotiate rewards for personal potential as well as capabilities.

Denise has been an international event and social commentator on leading television and radio networks including the BBC, ABC, ITN, CNN and Al Jazeera. She has also been a judge of Woman of the Year, Woman of our Time and Entrepreneur of the Year. For seven years she judged the Executive PA and Secretary of the year, assisting these executive assistants to pursue degrees, higher level education, double their incomes and get well earned promotion.

Denise has worked closely with the top negotiating tables for the South African change over from Apartheid dictatorship to democracy, serving at CODESA, The Peace Accord, The Gender Advisory Committee and the Media Committee. Her 30 years of experience has given her vast knowledge as a strategic advisor in surveillance, security, marketing, manufacturing, pharmacy, medicine, research, report writing for publication, trade, the hospitality industry, energy and minerals and international law.  She is an expert in profiling individuals at management or leadership level to determine causes of failure and success, and this has even stretched to include the body language profiling in the recent Oscar Pistorius case, and included the body profiling of the State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, Oscar’s own lawyer Barry Roux, the first witness to the stand Michelle Burger, and of course Oscar Pistorius himself.

She has advanced education in psychology, international law (human rights and foreign trade investment), economic development, international relations, communication, journalism and human behaviour and terrorist profiling, strategy, decision making, English literature and criminology. She is currently studying integrative and functional medicine. Her hobbies are piano, violin and nature conservation. She has a personal library in excess of 100,000 books, all of which she has read.


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